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The Practical Way to Serve Food

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Perfect for entertaining friends or just eating on your lap

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The Genie plate has beautiful curves

Introducing the Genie Plate

Key features

The cutlery holder keeps everything secure when moving

No falling cutlery

Balancing cutlery on plates whilst at the table or when transporting to the kitchen, means cutlery often falls onto carpets or table cloths.

Showing how the plate won't move with a Genie plate

Sturdy base

Unlike most round plates, this design means the plate won't tip over when cutting food at the perimeter.

The Genie Plate has numerous properties that add to its quality

Quality guarantee

Market leading production methods means that the Genie Plate has three times lower attrition than ordinary porcelain.

Portuguese flatware

Brings a touch of style and colour to your dining experience.

Available in pink, jade green, charcoal grey and rose gold.

Coming soon

We will be adding to our Genie Plate concept with a full dinner set range.

This includes side plates, desert bowls and desert plates. We’ll also be including other colours with charcoal grey our next foray!

The full range of dinnerware to be released soon

Make awesome dining experiences

Visit our blog pages for tips and tricks on how to create memorable recipes, get togethers and celebrations.

The Genie plate has beautiful curves
the genie plate close up in the kitchen
  • Material: High strength porcelain China
  • Certified: Lead and cadmium free
  • Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 4cm
  • Weight: 395g


What’s in the box?

  • You will receive either your two or four plate set packed within protective foam. It will be encased in a cardboard box.

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