Courtesy of The Curry Cookbook

Goan Fish Curry Recipe

Goa is well known for its fish and shellfish dishes, which are usually cooked in coconut milk. For this dish, salmon has been chosen because its firm flesh lends itself well to curry dishes and takes on the flavours of...

Food for sleep

As a Mum of fairly young children, I am more often than not exhausted.  As I have had years of getting up and down in the night, and often still do, I need to have as restful a sleep as

Eggs – to eat or not to eat? That is the question

Are you still in a pickle over whether eating eggs is the right thing to do? Eggs have been picked on and vilified for years due to their high cholesterol content, but currently most health experts are pro eggs and

The Avocado

Have you noticed the increasing presence of avocado based dishes on restaurant and even cafe menus recently? Whilst these slimy looking green things might not enamour you with their exterior beauty, once prepared they are rich and creamy and packed
Mushroom risotto on a Genie plate

Mushroom risotto

As with all risotto's the challenge is the stirring and ensuring it doesn't dry out. The dried Porcini mushrooms are essential to this, not least because the residual water forms a key element of the stock. I found it needed
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