Eggs – to eat or not to eat? That is the question

Should I eat eggs?
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Are you still in a pickle over whether eating eggs is the right thing to do? Eggs have been picked on and vilified for years due to their high cholesterol content, but currently most health experts are pro eggs and there are several reasons why.

Eggs are full of nutrition, so if you’re trying to become healthy and are working towards a killer body or becoming a physical bad ass, then eggs are what you want!  They are little protein bombs, the yolk in particular, which means they are excellent for muscle repair and growth which is what you need if you are working on a solid body shape. 

Full of anti-oxidants, they help with the long term health of your eyes, reducing risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.  Eggs contain lutein and zeaxanthin which have anti-cancer properties – specifically breast and lung cancer.

Chloine supports brain function and provides the message that turns nerve impulses from the brain into muscle contractions. If you lack in chloine, there is no way you will be heaving on that rig or picking up those dumbbells. It also ensures your cell membranes remain intact. 

Experts have proven that cholesterol from your diet has limited impact on cholesterol in your blood and most evidence demonstrates eating eggs is advantageous to your cholesterol.

As well as all these health benefits, they taste amazing – fried, scrambled, poached – however you prefer. Try eating scrambled eggs in the morning before hitting the gym and you really will feel like a Duracel bunny – they are magic!  Due to their high protein content they also make you feel fuller for longer so you won’t be disrupted or craving your next meal while you are doing those star jumps! It is suggested that free range eggs contain more Omega 3 (an essential fatty acid that the body cannot produce by itself, which is also known to aid in fighting depression and anxiety), which can only be a bonus!

There are some warning flags, however. It’s been suggested that diabetics increase their risk of heart disease by eating more than one egg per day because diabetes changes the way our bodies handle cholesterol.  So, if you are a diabetic, no more than 2 eggs per week are recommended.  Men who have a history of prostate cancer in their family may also want to reduce their eggs intake as there is a theory that choline and cholesterol may make prostate cancer more likely to metastasize.

In summary, eggs are delicious and nutrient rich.  They have a long shelf life, are affordable and form the basis of several quick and easy meals.  Personally, I say eat eggs!  But as your elders have always repeated – everything in moderation!

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