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Do you find that cutlery drops off your plate all too often? Designed with cutlery inserts, the Genie Plate provides a place for your cutlery to sit, either side of a generous square eating area. Ingenious! Its versatile design makes it perfect for:

  • BBQs – now you have somewhere to put your cutlery while you eat, drink and chat.
  • Roast dinners – the generous square eating area means you have lots of space and its high sides prevent gravy running off the plate.
  • Eating in front of the TV – no need for a tray, this is where the Genie Plate really comes into its own!

It’s designed to make your life a little simpler and avoid unnecessary accidents like a stained carpet, tablecloth or sofa.

With its curvy and sleek design, its perfect for hosting friends and family. But when it’s just you and the dog, the cat, the husband or the wife, it really comes into its own for lap top eating! No bulky trays needed and definitely no cutlery escaping onto your sofa!

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It’s 6 key benefits are:

NO FALLING CUTLERY: Balancing cutlery on plates whilst at the table or when transporting to the kitchen, means cutlery often falls onto carpets or tablecloths.

GENEROUS EATING AREA: The large eating area means that there is adequate space for your food and the raised sides means no gravy or sauce will spill out. 

QUALITY GUARANTEE: We sourced one of the leading dinnerware manufacturers who supply many of the world’s luxury hotels, including the Sheraton and Four Seasons group.

DISHWASHER FRIENDLY: The Genie Plate can be used in a dishwasher and comfortably fits inside a standard dishwasher.

STRONG AND TEMPERATURE RESISTANT: It’s super strong and resistant to knife scratches and also can be placed in the oven, microwave and dishwasher with no damage or discolouring

LEAD AND CADMIUM FREE: This is a health risk that few people are aware of with many dining products. The formula used for our plate glaze is free from dangerous elements including lead and cadmium, which can transfer onto food.

LOW WATER ABSORPTION: Due to the formula used in our plates, dirt and bacteria are not absorbed, whilst they still wash easily and return to their lovely porcelain whiteness.

Why we designed it:

It’s designed to make your life a little simpler and avoid unnecessary accidents like a stained carpet, tablecloth or sofa. It’s more than just practical – we also wanted to create a plate that was versatile in how you use it. 


The Genie Plate is available in sets of two and four plates. Each plate measures 33cm x 30cm x 2 cm and weighs 395g. The eating area measures 21cm x 20cm. The plate features our ‘Love Dining’ logo on the reverse of each plate.

Where else can you buy it:

You won’t find this product on the high street or on large online retail stores and we have secured design protection so it cannot be copied.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions42 × 38 × 12 cm
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2 plates, 4 plates